October 22, 2020
October 22, 2020

Bishop Kibuuka cautions against stigmatizing the sick, selfish politicians




By Ronald Kabuye
The presiding Bishop for the evangelical Orthodox Church (EOC) in Uganda, that subscribes to the catholic eastern rite Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka has urged the public to stop stigmatizing and laughing at the sick referring to the act as Ungodly.
“I have seen heartless and ungodly people promoting a stanic act of stigmatizing, abusing and laughing at the sick which me and you must totally condemn.
What’s funny about someone being sick to warrant you  laugh at him and spread all sorts of rumors  against him?! that should stop with immediate effect.
Instead of stigmatizing we should help and comfort the sick and also learn to be mindful of our health in whatever we do.” Said Bishop Kibuuka.
In his Christmas sermon at Mamre prayer center Namugongo Janda, Bishop Kibuuka also cautioned the public against being used by selfish people especially politicians in this forthcoming election period.
“Be mindful and careful of people who want to use you as conduits to gain their selfish motives and political capital through use of violence.
Be mindful not to put to  bad use the freedom and peace God has given to us .
Think thoroughly well and be just while making a decision on what to do and who to support.
He further asserted that Christmas  means renewal, revival, everything starting afresh and God starting up something new in people’s lives thus prophecizing that God is to give people everlasting  peace,joy, happiness, blessings, change, development.
However he added that to get the above one must embrace Jesus Christ and glow him.
” a person who glow Jesus christ forgives, tolerates, reconciles,loves one another, wishes others well, is kind, patient, selfless, practices truth and justice, consolidates peaces and prosperity.” said Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka
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