Bishop Kibuuka clarifies on a letter he wrote to the president.


By Ronald Kabuye

The Bishop for central and Eastern provinces of uganda in the evangelical orthodox Church the most Rev. Jacinto Kibuuka has come out and responded to the letter that has gone viral on social media he and the head of development project at Mamre prayer center Rev. Father Vincent Kisenyi Byansi wrote to the president through the principle private secretary requesting him to fulfill his pending pledge towards their projects geared at empowering the less previledged Ugandans.

According to the letter dated the 11th of December 2017 signed by Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka,  the letter that is making rounds on social media and mainstream media should not cause any alarm because it’s no extra ordinary from the other letters written to the head of state reminding him of his pledges and seeking financial support by faiths and churches incase of any noble project.

” we the Evangelical orthodox church in Uganda have numerous noble projects aimed at improving the livelihood of Ugandans ranging from button mushroom growing, soap making,  brick laying, wine production, book and shoe making projects which we interested the president with thus the pledge that to date we are still waiting to receive whole heartedly. So the letter circulating was just a reminder.” reads the letter in parts

He further appealed to the public to disregard what he termed as  malicious propaganda spread against them.

“disregard the malicious propaganda spread against us with the aim of injuring our integrity, creating bad image and hatred amongst the public, other faiths and government against us.” it further read.

Bishop Kibuuka further call upon the faithful to stay calm, strong and focused to the command and promises of Lord Jesus Christ.

It should be noted that the president has on several times pledged and supported different religious project, however the person who leaked and the major motive of leaking the mamre prayer center leaders letter to the president to media is yet to be established.

However it’s important to note that the Catholic Church has been battling the charismatic priest since his expellation from the Roman Catholic Church which lured him into joining the evangelical orthodox church, with the recent being the case of the Uganda Roman Catholic lawyers society against him “prompting” that he wounded the Roman Catholic followers in the way he dresses and sings the mass which the director of public prosecution withdrew


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