Bishop Kibuuka tips the public on how to attain financial stability.



By Ronald Kabuye
Unlike some religious leaders who have chosen to ignore the issue of bitting poverty in the country which is also the leading cause of desperation amongst Ugandan to the extent of many being conned off even the little they have in order to accumulate wealth which they never attain, this is not the case with the Bishop for central and Eastern provinces of uganda in the evangelical orthodoax Church (Antioch) Jacinto Kibuuka who has decided to take on the challenge head on.
The charismatic Bishop used the opportunity of the over night prayers that were attended by a mammoth of people at Mamre international prayer center namugongo Janda on Saturday to tip,  teach, inspire and interest the congregation on how they can acquire and maintain a good financial status which he summarised as keys to financial break through.
Bishop Kibuuka told the congregation that whenever they encounter any  crisis or challenges be it financial or any thing else they should first  consult from God, receive God’s guidance and then take an appropriate action with faith.
“for it’s written in Mathew that seek first the kingdom of God and rest will follow and as we learn from 1 chronicles 14:8-17 that David first turned to God in the time of crisis and God greatly guided him before he took the action” Kibuuka said.
Bishop Kibuuka said he decided to tackle the financial break through because prosperity is for God yet poverty is a curse brought in by the devil to ruin people’s lives since they can not have a health mind and body to comprehend what religious leaders preach to them.
” A poor person is not respected, does not make anything or create things, he has no bargaining power and he is never allowed to discuss issues thus he ends up living miserably and complaining hence a reason for choosing to break the spirit of poverty.” Said Kibuuka
“As a bishop am obliged to teach people how to pray and work to break the bondage of poverty so that they can live their life to the fullest and subdue the world as God directed us” he added.
Bishop also dedicated the entire month of February for financial break through since 2018 is a year of break through in the evangelical orthodox Church in Uganda.

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