Bishop Kibuuka vows not to marry, exposes the Roman Catholic Church


By Ronald Kabuye
The Bishop for central and Eastern Uganda in the evangelical Orthodox Catholic Church Jacinto Kibuuka has vowed not to marry throughout his entire life.
Bishop Kibuuka made the remarks while celebrating the devine liturgy of thanksgiving that was held at Mamre prayer center namugongo Janda.
Bishop Kibuuka stated it categorically clear and emphasized that he will continue doing God’s work as he was called by God then thus he needs no things that will divert him from his core duty of serving God and his people.
“it’s true in the evangelical orthodox Catholic Church priests are at liberty to marry but I Kibuuka am not going to marry because I will and do not have time for women.
I decided to serve the Lord in all my life and I will give in my all towards the same and serving His people.” said Kibuuka
On accusations of imitating the Roman Catholic Church and threats to sue him in courts of law as stated by the president of the Uganda Catholic lawyers Jude Mbabali and the many other Catholic clergies, Kibuuka refered them to exodus 28:2, 39:47 that explains clearly the issue of religious vestments and the dressing for the priests.
“it’s sad and uncultured to accuse us of imitation because the way we pray and dress means that we value tradition and we are a community of the Bible.
Any one who says otherwise is either ignorant or intentionally refuses to admit the reality or simply want to be malicious.
The vestments for Roman rite are not used by us for instance the maniple, the pallium and the gloves” said Kibuuka
” I also want to tell Mbabali to stop speaking with utter ignorance because he doesn’t have the money to compensate me afteral. Let him also get this clear, our church is not only valid by divine institution, but also legally recognised by the law of the land and mandated to operate as a church.” Kibuuka added.
On the Apostolic succession: Kibuuka said that their church enjoys a valid Apostolic succession that roots from St. Peter, church of Antioch and old Roman Catholic Church and go deep in the same one can read about Arch-bishop Maurice -Richard Rodney.
” It’s absurd that some elements in the Roman Catholic have intentionally chosen to mislead people by feeding them on lies and posing as if they own the Bible, we know the king of lies is Satan and whoever takes that line is perceived to be serving his kingdom.” Kibuuka added
Kibuuka further clarified that their church celebrates a divine liturgy of St. John Chrysostom not of St. Basil.
He also responded to the accusations of him being a rebel, self-excommunicated and defiant by emphasing that his master is Jesus not any human being.
He further added that he was suspended from the Roman Catholic Church before exhibiting a letter to that effect signed by the arch-bishop of Kampala Cyprian Kazito Lwanga.
However said that he already forgave those who tarnished his name including Jude Mbabali who accused of being used and defending what he is ignorant about.
Kibuuka concluded his 55 minutes speech with a reading from Mathew 5:12 that states that blessed are those who are persecuted In God’s name because a high reward awaits them in heaven.