Start Handling Me like a Human being ,Bobi Wine Tasks Ugandan Police

By Joreen Nabutto The National Unity platform presidential flag -bearer Robert kyagulanyi Sentamu has asked the ugandan police security to start treating him like a human being because anytime from now his going to be the president of this country uganda.

  Start Handling Me like a Human being ,Bobi Wine Tasks Ugandan Police

Bobi Wine in talking this he was at the mourners burial ceremony of Dr Anas Kalisa in Ruhaama Sub Couynty, Ntugamo district yesterday. bobi Wine was on Tuesdaty arrested by police after his nomination at Kyambogo sports groung and was driven to his homepklacein magere wakisodistrict.

Bobi Wine in his speech while at the burial saidhis also a person and a ugandan that whatthey tell people is not derogatory, what wesay doesn't sow hatred.We just want a uganda in which we are all freeandhappy to live.

He said he had to dress in an unsual style so as to dodge police who are always blocking his movements so that he attends the burial of the late Kaliisa who he used to call his role model in his selflessnes and love for all people.

Bobi Wine went ahead and thanked Sheikh MUzaata forgiving him the oppotunityto speak to the people who before said that he is a member of NRM party but "am person who speaks the truth as it is.Where i see that something is right ,i put there a tick with a red pen;wherei see wrong i put a cross mark without fear.Therefore their are people who undermine the government by their actions especially the police.

He added that people should start cooprating because this is all our mother country.