Bobi wine has been refused to Hold Campaigns in Pader

By Joreen Nabutto The presidential candidate contesting on the National Unity Platform (NUP) flag, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bob Wine has been denied a venue to hold his campaign rally in Pader town council, Pader District. This was reportedly due to too much pressure from district security officials to the venue managers. Mr Kyagulanyi is scheduled to campaign in Pader, Gulu and Kitgum districts today.

Bobi wine has been refused to Hold Campaigns in Pader
The Pader District NUP coordinator, Mr Joseph Omona Lapit, claims that Ms Alice Ajok, the Pader town clerk was ordered by security at the district not to allow Mr Kyagulanyi to access the venue due to unclear circumstances.
 Ms Ajok said there was a change of plans and NUP could not be allowed to carry out its activities as it was earlier scheduled.
Pader Urban Council Chairperson, Mr Fearless Kilama Wodacholi, condemned the decision taken by the town clerk to deny NUP access to the ground, yet as the council, they could have earned some revenue.
He said the ground is for everyone willing to pay between Shs150,000 and Shs200,000 a day in addition to fulfilling some other requirements where necessary.
The Pader Resident District Commissioner, Mr Dusman Okee, said he had not received any letter from NUP seeking clearance, but noted that the town council authorities have a right to either refuse or give out the playground because it's their property.
The playground at Pader Town Council in Pader District where Bobi Wine was scheduled to hold a campaign rally on Wednesday. Authorities denied him the venue claiming it was already booked for other activities.
NUP has also failed to find a venue for Kyagulanyi’s campaigns in Kitgum Municipality.
Mr Samuel Obedgui, the NUP liaison Officer for Northern Uganda said they had identified three venues which include the main Bus Park, District Forest Institute- DFI and Christ the King playgrounds in central and Pandwong divisions.
He, however, noted that security has not allowed them to utilize the Bus Park due to crowd management, while management of the institute turned down their request over security fears.
Mr Tommy Eyaku, Kitgum District Police Commander said NUP should first be cleared by Christ the King Church which owns the playground.
"NUP is free to hold campaigns at any location because the Electoral Commission has allows them to conduct campaigns, but what we want to know is whether the venues have been legally given to them for use because they are properties belonging to government or individuals.