By Ronald Kabuye
Unlike others schools where emphasis is only put on academic neglecting sports and spiritual life it’s not the case with blessed valley primary school namasuba who on the 19th August held their sports day were pupils showcased their talents according to their houses/colours and sections that’s nursery and primary sections.
The school is and was established on the Pentecostal foundation and fathered by omega healing centre church pastor Michael David Kyazze and her wife Christine Kyazze has made numerous strives in various aspects including but not limited to academic since its ranked amongst the best performing schools in wakiso District and nationally, spiritually and sports wise.
When asked why they keep organising sports days/events  and music galas for their pupils, the head teacher of the school Mr. Kasule Samuel said it helps them to identify and nurture the children’s talents at a tender age in addition to furthering bonding amongst their pupils, teachers and parents
“We organised it to cultivate  and develop  pupils talents, Sports also strengthens the bond between  parents and the school.
We also wanted to have fun thus our theme  with a positive  attitude, sports is fun” said Kasule.
In the competitions blue colour in the names of Judah emerged the winner with 383 points thus winning the goat, trophy and a cash prize to cater for their drinks during goat roasting which money was given out by the Blessed Old Student’ Association BOSA an association that brings together those who went through either nursery or primary or secondary sections.
Red (Israel) gunned 357, followed by Yellow (Benjamin) with 302 and Green (Levy) was forth with 252 scores.
Key also to note was the football match between the former pupils and current pupils which ended 6-3 in favour of the former pupils.
Another was the short rellay race between the parents and teachers which ended in favour of parents on the side of females and teachers on males side


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