BoU brings new internal guidelines to mitigate currency manipulation and theft


Kampala; The Central bank (BoU) Ag Director Bazinzi Natamba has issued an internal memo with new guidelines of who should access the counting machine room in order to mitigate currency manipulation.
Sources revealed that, guidelines came as a mitigation following the recent  currency saga.
 According to the memo leaked to this website it confirms that BOU is in the crisis of currency manipulation and the stealing of old currency by some of it’s officials.
The letter  dated  02rd of Sept 2019 bars unauthorized staff from accessing the counting/machine rooms at the currency branches.
The Director stated that, in order to mitigate risks and strengthen internal contrals in our currency, all operations with no Authority should observe the following’
No note examiner should access a counting/machine room of another currency branch without given required Authority, or no staff  other than note examiner should practice in the counting/ machine room activities such as sorting, punching and strapping of stacks.
The letter directed the Authorities, parties to ensure that all the CCTV video coverage and audio recordings are always reviewed by the entitled office.
She further stopped all the staff  from carrying into the counting room’s, any item including Tea, Water, Eats, Juice and among others hence calling for  urgent remove of waste baskets/boxes in the counting room.
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