July 11, 2020
July 11, 2020

BoU Is Fooling Us, We Are Sure They Printed Over 90 Billions Extra” Said MP’s



By Andrew Visper

Dokolo County MP Felix Okot Ogong says it is clear that BoU printed extra money [Shs90bn] and it’s also clear that unauthorised cargo was in the plane and that some Bank of Uganda officials were arrested.
“It is clear that someone wants to fool Ugandans but Ugandans are not fools,” he said Wednesday while appearing on NBS TV

“I believe it was more than UGX 90 billion, we call upon the government should work in a coordinated manner.”

Facing on the same TV, seasoned politician Capt. Francis Babu said if there was a problem with the police statement, the parties involved had to sit together and find out a better way to do damage control.
“No one sits down to think of the image of the country, government and sensitive organisation like Bank of Uganda that impacts on our country, what is happening is indiscipline,” Said Capt. Babu

He added that, most important thing is that this being a sensitive industry, this has been handled shabbily.
“I don’t want to play the blame game but this was handled badly. The airline could have sneaked in the pallets or Bank of Uganda could have given the airline permission to bring the money into the country. The good thing investigations are going on, the truth will finally come out.”

He says, police put out a statement and the public should stop pointing fingers to the spokesperson Fred Enanga.
“what he has been told and “in my opinion is he is a good spokesperson same as Ofwono Opondo”.

“What we need is a neutral and credible person from government to come up and give us a clearer picture of what is happening.”

He added: “All of them are government, don’t say there is government and police because police is part of government. The parties involved had to sit together and find out a better way to do damage control.”

Padyere County MP Joshua Anywarach called it a classical display of confusion and something is being hidden within.

First of all, to mint money is already indebtedness to the country. That’s why money is guarded as it comes into the country and has to go straight to the Central Bank, he argued.

He said when currency is ordered, the amount is kept secret. The truth of the matter is the governor has already said there was extra currency.
“It would be good for an independent commission of inquiry to step in and dig deeper into this. The government should find a line of communication, who is mandated to talk and when.”

He went on: “This case to me is dead on arrival, we may not be told exactly what comes out of the investigation. This is the same thing that happened to the oil saga at the beginning of the 9th Parliament.”

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