October 27, 2020
October 27, 2020

Bp. Kibuuka says youths are under attack, urges them to be focused, utilize their talents


Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka during the youth divine liturgy. Photo by Kabuye Ronald
By Kabuye Ronald
The presiding Bishop for the Evangelical Orthodox Church (EOC) In Uganda Jacinto Kibuuka has urged the youths to focus on what they want and also fully utilize their talents since they are under attack from all corners of satan.
Bishop Kibuuka made the remarks during the Mamre International Prayer Centre at Namugongo Janda youths conference where activities like  blood donation, sensitization on HIV/AIDs, prostrate cancer, empowerment on various aspects of life and lots of entertainment were held.
Bishop Kibuuka, the clergy posing with the female youth at mamre prayer centre

Bishop Kibuuka told the youths that in order for them to get fundamental development they must identify their talents and fully develop them then money, people, organizations, honors will look for them as opposed to them looking for them.

Bishop Kibuuka posing with the male youths at mamre prayer centre namugongo janda
He also advised the youths to know what they want, focus on it, prioritize God in every thing they do and use their reasoning capacity and faculties to overcome the satanic attacks that are targeting them from all angles.
The mamre youth day was held under the theme “Empower the youth for the bright future” which theme bishop Kibuuka said is timely since the Church and the Nation’s future lies in the hands of the youths thus a need to empower them to take the right decisions.
Numerous clergy further advised the youths to be patient, Have hope, know that their soul is their God, to Plan with God in all what they  do,  live a purposeful life, to Love each other, stick to God and to Use their time well.
Bishop Kibuuka furthermore urged the public to join him in the deliverance prayers that will close the year 2019 and usher them into the new year 2020 amidst immense prayers, fire wax, praise and worship at mamre international prayer centre Namugongo Janda
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