October 21, 2020
October 21, 2020

Bryan White donates seeds, farm equipments worthy 100m, cautions youth against regime change.



By Mboowa Nathan

Kirumira Brian alias Bryan white has cautioned youths across the country to stop getting excited about regime change  which has groomed and benefited them since their birth.

” I hear and see a number of youths being used by politicians to fulfill their obligations, you should know that those people who use you to riot in a number of issues have their own problems and their gains, their children are getting better education abroad but they insist and front you thus you should be careful with such people and instead engage in productive things , just work hard and save for your future and avoid political games. ” Bryan cautions

Bryan White was speaking to a number of people and youths in Kalagala sub-county, Vvumba village in Luwero district where he gave out bean seeds and farm equipments worthy one hundred millions to youths to start working since the aim of his foundation is to awaken youths from poverty and unemployment.

Among the things given to the leaders of this village to supply to the farmers include, (2000 kgms)  two thousand kilograms of bean seeds, (300) three hundred pangas and 3000 hoes

The head of farmers at Vvumba village Magidu Richard was thankful to Bryan White saying that the donation will reduce on the crime rate in their area because most of the youths will be busy on their  farms working.

“Getting these dry seeds will help us so much and farmers won’t panic again as they are looking for markets of their products because dry seeds can last for along time which gives value addition .” Richard said

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