By Kabuye Ronald
Buganda Kingdom has revealed that it doesn’t support the government move to amend article 26 of the land act where government is advocating for forceful take over land in case it fails to agree with land owners in areas they  want to set up infrastructure projects.
This has been revealed by the Buganda premier Charles Peter Mayiga in his speech to the sixth sitting of the 24th Buganda lukiiko(parliament).
Mayiga said that as Buganda government they welcome the land inquiry commission that is chaired by Justice Catherine Bamugemeirere however he  attributed most of the land wrangles to insufficient investigations by police, few judges and neglect of responsibilities by judges which brings about case backlog, population growth with the land being the same of which much of it is no longer productive, politicising of land issues instead of giving room to land laws take course however weak they might be, poor management in the government ministries and institutions which has led to secretive information leak and corruption among others.
Mayiga is against the land minister Betty Amongi’ view that Mailo Land is the major hindrance of the country’s development.
He asserted that infrastructural development was much in the 50s, 60s,and 70s of which all this time mailo land was in existence thus attributing the hindrances to government collision with land owners brought about by poor planning, management and negotiation by the current government.
In the same way Mayiga emphasised that they are not about to give up on the land title in your hand commonly known as Kyapa Mungalo project since the Kabaka’  motive in it is to strengthen his subjects tenancy on his land so that they can acquire loans without any hardals and gain 100 percent in case of any compensation.
He also reasoned that the Buganda Land Board BLB is not giving out free hold titles because the kingdom will not cease exist beyond the current generation.
He wondered why one gets hurt much when such a good project that’s on ones will and not forcefully being rolled out.
“I wonder how one from Pentagon(outside Buganda) cares much about kabaka’ people than kabaka himself who knows that the kingdom ceases to existence with people, hahahahaha our king is a fore seer because those luring not to register for lease title want to take your land but they have found us ready and we shall not allow your land to be taken free of charge.” said mayiga
“secondly kyapa mungalo is at will not forcefully and all we are doing are in line with Uganda’s laws, church of Uganda and Catholic Church do give out lease title not free hold besides for us in the lease title agreement we are giving out they have a clause of automatic renewal.” he added
Mayiga also referred to the animal farm book while attacking those who are stopping Buganda tenants from registering yet for them they have already acquired theirs.
Just last week Buganda land board and the kingdom it’s self exposed the controversial senior advisor on media Joseph Tamale Mirundi and Sheik Nuhu Muzaata Barte lease titles they acquired from BLB despite speaking ill  against the two institutions.
Mayiga also appealed to traders and Ugandans at large not to cause harm on foreigners who deal in small businesses and mine sand from Ugandan lakes since its not their own fault but rather of the law enforcer who don’t care about what they do.
“stop executing mob justice on foreigners because we also have our brothers in their countries what if they do the same to them, I think it’s high time for the concerned authorities to execute their mandate” said mayiga


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