By Ronald Kabuye
The Buganda Premier Charles Peter mayiga has attributed the rampant torture of suspects by security organs to lack of technical and scientific expertise by the security officials.
“if security officers zero on torture to get evidence from the suspects, it simply implies that they lack technical and scientific expertise since there are a lot of non violence methods of getting evidence however it’s so disheartening that officers are using methods of 1400″ said mayiga
Mayiga made the remarks during the 6th sitting of the 24th Buganda parliament (Lukiiko) where he wondered how the 40 arrested people can be involved in the murder of the fallen police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi who are inclusive of the young children.
He also revealed how he was disappointed by president museveni letter to security organs which directed them to only desist from torture acts without giving instructions to have the culprits  arrested and dealt with accordingly being the commander in chief.
” In the president’ letter to the security organs I thought he was going to conclude by outlining names of the culprits and instruction for their arrest since he is the commander in chief but instead he just keep narrating marriage and other unnecessary stories” he added.
In the sameway Mayiga, his first deputy Emmanuel Ssendawula and other officials who will meet their bills will tomorrow check out for USA to open the Buganda parliament that bring together Ugandans in America and Canada.

Meanwhile in a joint report read by the chairperson legal committee Chris Bwanika, all the six committes of Buganda parliament consented to the Buganda premier Mayiga’ suggestion to resist to government move of amending the land act to allow government take over people’s land even when they fail to agree on the amount to be compensated.
They all supported the controversial Kyapa Mungalo project which is interpreted as land title in your hand as introduced by Buganda Land Board before suggesting that the media houses that give space to Buganda critic be followed up and neccesary measures be taken.
The Buganda Lukiiko members also cautioned the critics to desist from the act since Baganda are ready to defend their Kabaka and the kingdom at large before suggesting that a committee in the kingdom information ministry be formed to dilute what the critics assert and to also sensitise the public about the kingdoms projects.
it was also found that not even half of the 170 Lukiiko members attend the six committes that are in place.


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