Buganda speaks out on LC1 elections, the closure of the kingdom university


By Ronald Kabuye
The Buganda premier Owekitibwe Charles Peter Mayiga has called on Ugandans to vote for the worthy, credible, trustworthy, responsible and competent people and to fully participate in the upcoming local council elections.
While addressing a press conference today, Mayiga noted that the lack of functioning local leaders has led to the rise of land conflicts, theft of crops and animals, abuse of drugs and alcohol especially among the youths, insecurity among others yet it has over 70% of Ugandans residing in the village thus an appeal for the worthy leaders to stand and the citizen to vote for the same.
On the methodology of lining behind their preferred candidate, Mayiga said its not the best and would prefer a secret ballot but insisted that the public can not be embarrassed to line behind a worthy candidate.
Mayiga who declined to comment on the 29 million shillings that was given to members of parliament to consult in their constituencies about the presidential age limit removal bill also appealed to the public to desist from being bribed and to vote for worth leaders even where there is inducements.
Meanwhile the Buganda premier Mayiga has broken silence about the closure of the kingdom university that’s Muteesa royal university.
Mayiga said that the closure was as a result of disagreements between the university management, lecturers, workers and students which informed the decision of the university council.
He has however assured the public that the it will be opened as soon as they get lasting solutions to the causes.


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