By Kabuye Ronald

The Buganda kingdom through its land regulatory organization Buganda Land Board BLB has yet again unveil a new six month project of issuing lease term of 49 years to the over 130000 registered bibanja holders at a claimed subsidized 200% .

However to many of the tenants that this site managed to speak described the new project as yet again another solicitation and exploitation project to the kabaka’s subjects arguing that they have so long been paying particular amount of money under the same guise of putting an end to the land eviction and other land related wrangles but all in vain.

“at first  KK charged us 100,000 shillings and I complied, then Buganda Land Board came up with a six month deadline where we were required to pay 600,000 shilling us from kyadondo and busiro counties and 100000 from other counties with a caution that once we fail to meet the deadline the prices will be doubled  and indeed they effected it, not so long they embarked on the new project dubbed BLB card which holds one’s Bio data and the same  still stands , mind you it goes for 100,000 and now this one a land title in your hand at un described price! This is too much and I will not comply this time “said a one Namukasa Ruth resident of Ndejj wakiso district.

Another Male Musa a resident Nsanji narrated that he attempted to acquire a land title from BLB but only to be valued at 40 million shillings thus emphasizing that he will not comply this time.

Addressing a news conference at the flagging off of the project which will end in October this year at Bulange Mengo, Mayiga said that they are effecting a directive from the Buganda king Ronald Mwenda Mutebi II to give a 49 year lease to all the registered bibanja holders as one of the ways of giving back to his subjects and cementing his mutual relationship with them.

Mayiga says that the massive titling will also provide kabaka’s subjects with a source of livelihood and equitable distribution of land access and ownership thus reducing vulnerability.

Asked why some of the BLB officials go overboard by evicting lawful tenants , Mayiga refuted the claims saying that in most cases it’s the individuals they lease the land that carry out the eviction adding that once they lease the rest is none of their business with or without tenants.

Commenting on the way forward after the elapse of 49 years of the lease term, Mayiga said that owners will risk losing the land for as long as they can’t renew their lease though adding that there is no need to worry since that will be handled by the beneficiaries’ children and grand children.

Mayiga also refuted claims of the prices being high and the unlawful arrest of people who develop their land especially in Nansana municipality saying that the arrests are executed by the Municipality enforcement officers and they are done on those that develop without approval of their plans from the municipal council.

However in most cases these arrests are effected alongside the BLB enforcement officers who handcuff, bundle the victims on their patrol cars and confiscate their equipments 

 meanwhile the outspoken senior presidential advisor on media Joseph Tamale Mirundi questioned how the kingdom can give a lease to a muganda.

“how can you give a a lease to a muganda ? so when it expires where does he go to heaven” questioned mirundi

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