Buganda urges security forces to get rid of wrong elements



By Ronald Kabuye
The Buganda premier Owekitibwe Charles Peter Mayiga has urged  security leadership in the country to clean up the few rotten elements from the forces in order to facilitate peace and stability which foster investment and development.
Mayiga made the remarks while opening up precise motel in Katwe kampala were he also encouraged the public to always commit and persist on the work they do if they are overcome poverty.

in the same way the director of sports in police, AIGP Andrew Sorowen who admitted that there is indeed some few rotten eggs in police, said that cooperation between people and police by both being vigilant, people keeping busy at there work places is the best solution for eliminating criminality in the country.
His view didn’t differ much from that of the defuncted head of operation Wembley  which crackdown criminal in the early 2000s Brigadier Elly Kayanja

Meanwhile the proprietor of precise motel Julius Bbale Mweruka said that they work closely with security agencies to eliminate criminality in their businesses before attributing his success to hard work and cooperation.

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