Bullets as police save Desire Luzinda from being raped on stage


Police had to intervene to save singer Desire Luzinda of Ekitone fame from being sexually harassed  on stage by horny youth in Lukaya.

The unruly  men had stormed stage where Luzinda was performing from demanding  her to undress  her clothes and display her Kitone that she is always boastful of.

police intervened to quench chill super excited men to allow the singer entertain revelers to the fullest.

All this scuffle happened on Friday as Desire was performing at the party organized by the Kalungu based tycoon Michael Kalumba to celebrate 4  successful years of his Kikankane pub located in Lukaya town council.

Later, Luzinda joined Kalumba in the cake cutting celebrations Other singers who joined Desire  included, Stella Kayaga,Dissan Kasasa,Country Boy, and Charles Ssekyewa


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