Busitema university mgt ploughs 10 acres of support staff food



By Ronald Kabuye

The support staff of Busitema University have appealed to the ministry of disaster preparedness to run to their rescue following the universities action of ploughing over 10 acres of their food.

The call has been sounded by their chairperson Mr. Deogratius Nyapalapala, who said they answered the call by the university authorities requesting for people who would wish to cultivate their land in march and April last year with  payment of 50,000 shilling for a year, however the university turned against them on march 4th when it issued a notice stopping them from further cultivation and on 18th  this year ploughed their gardens of food as they were still harvesting them.

He said their efforts to plead with the heavy duty prison tractor drivers to give them at least three days were futile since they told them that they are under instructions to plague their food (cassava and sweet potato plantations) so that they turn into fertilizers for the management’s next cultivation.

The support staff have now petitioned the human rights commission, line ministries, authorities and human rights lawyers to run to their rescue since they are about to die of hunger.

“We don’t have food to feed on, we are only surviving on mushroom and dodo which we mix and add in much water.

We are worried because they are also about to get finished, the next thing you will see us dying one by one starting with me.” Said Deogratius

He said that what the university management did is not only disastrous, illegal and against human rights.

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