By Mukose Arnold Anthony
Busoga sugar cane growers especially from Mayuge district have requested the parliament of Uganda not to dare waste time discussing on a policy aimed at zoning sugar factories at least 25KMs from another something they says won’t promote competition that they are apparently benefiting from.

They accuse Mardvan of Kakira Sugar works being behind the move with fear of competition from the mew mushrooming factories which have improved on the crop prices they are enjoying

Magoma Herbert one of the growers with big farms from Bufulumbi village in Imanyiro subcounty said that before Kakira had competitors, a kilo of sugar cane was at thirty (30/=) shillings but now its at one hundred fifty (150/=) UGX creating a better environment for their activity.

“These MPs are being influenced by Mardvan but we are against the move because we are tired of being cheated by Mardvan beside farming has became good after getting good factories which can offer us better prices.” Magoma explains.

“Price of a commodity is controlled by demand and supplies so if factories are mushrooming, let them mushroom because its an advantage to us” smiling Magoma highlights.

Nkuutu Bashir who was found at Mayuge sugar industries limited but from Musubi in Kigandaalo Sub County also in Mayuge district said that zoning won’t only hurt them but he is also dismayed that government is also planning to determine the sugarcane prices which is not fair adding that price determinations should be done to crops like maize, beans and may be rice.
“Maize farmers and other crops have no determined prices by the government, why then think of sugarcanes?” Nkuutu wondered.
In addition Magoma said that incase government wants to determine the prices of sugar canes, let them be shifted from the ministry of works to agriculture and determine all agricultural crops.Image result for BUSOGA SUGAR CANE OUT GROWERS


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