Bwaise Residents In Fight With Kampala Capital City Authority


Residents along Nsooba Drainage in Bwaise a kampala suburb are in worry following the Kampala Capital City Authority plans of widening the drainage channel next to the northern by pass by 80 meters under the world bank project KIIDP2 which will leave them displaced without compensation.

According to residents led by their chairperson Bisase Zaharia Saddam they received a notification from kcca in on the 26th day of august about the same which prompted them to engage in several dialogue with KCCA so that project takes place without displacing them and providing alternative work plan as opposed to their which calls for developing their housing to modern level amongst others which the deputy Executive Director Judith Tumusiime consented to.

However following Judith’ resignation last week now residents are worried since its only her who exhibited will to address their concern from KCCA and the concerned authorities which has prompted them to petitioned the executive director KCCA inquiring the progress of the resolutions of Miss Tumusiime since her resignation she hinted about the conspiracy and interferences in the strategic planning of KCCA by a certain group in the authority


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