Bwanika urges M7 to hand over power to Bobi Wine, applauds Besigye


By Ronald Kabuye
The people’s progressive Party PPP Dr. Abed Bwanika has urged President Yoweri Kagutta Museveni to accept that a new national leader has emerged in the names of Kyandodo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi wine thus he should hand over power to him since he understands the needs of the time.
Bwanika said time is now that President Museveni should peacefully hand over power to the young generation that understand the trends of the time since its determined to defy his long time bondage until the country is liberated from the current regime.
Bwanika also applauded the opposition strong man Dr Kizza Besigye for accepting that he can nolonger lead the liberation struggle thus calling upon those that keep in company of Besigye like Lord mayor Erias Lukwago to join the people power revolution led by incarcerated Bobi wine , a group that purportedly has a plan to liberate the country from president Museveni regime.
He also urged embassies and donor communities to act as opposed to only issuing condemnation letters.
Furthermore, Bwanika called upon Ugandans especially the youths to rise against the current leadership.
“It’s time for the youths of this country to gather all their energies to liberate this country from President Museveni who has openly accepted that he is now a “Jjajja” which literally means grand father.
“We assure President Museveni we shall oust your government since Ugandans are ready to support due to the acts you are subjecting us to since its the same reasons they supported you while coming into power.” said Bwanika


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