By Kabuye Ronald

Opposition strongman’ wife and Oxfam executive director Winnie Byanyima and other relatives to the intercalated Mathew Kanyamunyu, his girlfriend Cynthia Munwangari and a brother Joseph Kanyamunyu have this afternoon survived being lynched  at high court by the relatives and friends of the late Kenneth Akena Wanton who was shoot at near uganda manufacturing association.

This emerged after Winnie Byanyima stood surety to both Mathew and joseph Kanyamunyu a move that left Akena’ relatives in dismay arguing that it was immoral for her to stand surety to a person they consider to be a murderer yet she is human rights activists whose husband Dr.Besigye people of acholi have supported wholeheartedly to the extent of losing their lives.

These led by the Aruu County MP Odongo Otto and Kitgum women MP Beatrice Anywa broke into tears and wiping cursing Byanyima and his Husband Dr. Besigye before warning how political lines have been drawn in the north and vowing to stone Dr. Besigye if he ever appears in their region.

Meanwhile High court judge Justice Elizabeth Kabanda has set today at 5pm as the time she will deliver her ruling whether to grant or deny three who are accused of murdering Akena bail.

The applicant lawyers led by Mpumwire Abraham gave three grounds for their bail application which included being responsible citizens and fixed places of abode and bail being a constitutional right.

The applicants paraded six sureties who included among other Hon. Winnie Byanyima, Hon. Capt. Gasatura George, Edith and Martha Byanyima.

However the state attorney Samari Wakholi objected the application arguing that the applicant have not given exceptional circumstance and don’t have fixed places of abode since they are just tenants where they reside adding that for Munwangari she has no permanent business and place of abode like she alleges and not a citizen of Uganda since she holds both Rwanda and Burundi passports.

She further added though the sureties are ordinary Ugandans majority of them work abroad before proposingconditions in case court deems it fit to grant them bail which included both the accused and sureties deposting their passport with court and avail clear places of abode with certificate or land title and bail be of cash.


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