Cancel the strike, your money has been remitted- Opendi to internee doctors



By Ronald Kabuye
The minister of health in charge of general duties Hon Sarah Opendi has called on the medical internees to keep calm and abandon their strike since the money for their allowances was transferred to the respective accounts Tuesday.
The internees under their umbrella Uganda interns doctors assoccition commenced their strike on grounds that they had not received their allowances for January and some have not got their since November.
They also want to be included in the new policy which will enhance doctors salaries and tackle among other issues.
Opendi attributed the delay in payment  of the internee doctors to the delay in getting names from their training center.
“Since we pay internees on quarterly basis and yet some intend to change from training center to another we first get the lists of their names from the centers but this time the responsible persons delayed to submit the lists thus the delay in payment” said Opendi
Opendi also called for patience from the internee doctors since the money will be on their accounts by next week.
In the same way Opendi said that they are still consulting on the new policy intended to guide the internee doctors and in house senior officers adding that they are yet to consult them before it comes into force by June this year.

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