Care, eating food in its diversity eliminates stunting in children- nutrition experts



By Ronald Kabuye
Parents and guardians have been advised to feed their children with food in its diversity, make time for them in addition to giving them quantum of care needed in abide to eliminate, malnutrition, stunting and undeveloped brains amongst children.
The call has been sounded by the in charge of national nutrition program in the office of the Prime Minister Mr. Boaz Musimenta.
He appealed to parent to strictly follow the health workers advice especially when the child is still in the womb to two years after birth by feeding the children on diverse diet but not just food and to also move from being present at home to being available for the children.
“in food diversity we mean eating a diet that has carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins,vegetables and fruits. secondly lack of time for our children some people are present at home but not available for the children so it’s poor care that causes stunting and malnutrition amongst children” said Musimenta
in the same way the coordinator of Civil society Alliance for Nutrition Uganda CISANU Mr. Richard Tinkasimire Baguma said that malnutrition is a big problem that affects developments and people irrespective of their status which makes the country loose a lot of resources in managing it’s problems.
He attributed the problem of malnutrition to unwarranted practices, behavior and ignorance brought about by lack of knowledge and information amongst people hence a need for the civil societies and government to priotise advocacy for good nutrition.
“Malnutrition is a big problem for the country, it’s out comes can be seen in the high levels of stunting, anemia and obesity among the children especially among those of the rich so the country is loosing a lot of resources in trying to manage the problem.
if we don’t intervene in now and do it urgently and in a big way this country is going to suffer much more in a few years to come.”said Baguma
uganda health and demographic survey of 2016 indicate that out of every 100 children 29 of them were stunted with Tooro and Bugishu regions taking the lead with stunted children yet they among the leading food producers which means that having food per say available doesn’t mean that your nutrition out come target will be achieved but eating it in its diversity will bring about the required results.

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