Causes of gender based violence on raise


By Mboowa Nathan
Cases of gender based violence have increased across the country with atleast 5 five cases  being reported every day compared to other cases.
the most affected people being women and  children.

Asp Maureen Atuhaire the acting commissioner of child protection unit from the Uganda police force said they have embarked on a campaign to sensitise and teach their officers on how they can handle cases of gender based violence with a view that it may help to reduce the number of cases and women who are violated.
Maureen said there are many causes of gender based violence but the main  is un equal power consecration in families.

Harriet Gimbo from Action Aid said,there are higher cases of sexual harassment at work places especially to people with high levels of education because they don’t tend to make an alarm when such circumstances happen.
Harriet thus advised that in order to reduce and stop gender based violence  the formal sector must get involved first.
This was in a high level meeting organised by the Civil Society Advocancy group to collect ideas from other civil society  groups on how to fight and stop gender based violence.


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