Chameleone Turns Down Fans’ Request To Perform ‘Tubonga Nawe’


‘Tubonga Nawe’ is a song Chameleone and other artistes sang for the incumbent president Museveni in the build up to the February general elections. Those days, if you can remember, him and the other singers used to thrill revellers at Museveni’s campaign rallies. However, following the criticism from the general public over his (Chameleone’s) participation on the song, Chameleone has overtime ceased from performing the song at shows he has featured in. As he was performing at the Purple Party in Gulu on Saturday night, he adamantly turned down the attendees’ request to perform ‘Tubonga Nawe’ song. “I cannot perform ‘Tubonga Nawe’ here, that song was for making us money and we got the money so that was all.” Chameleone told the Purple Party Gulu revellers.” Jose Chameleone performing at Purple Party in Gulu However, although he refused to perform the song, he got the crowd wild during the his time on stage. With the crowd on their feet, he was cheered on as he performed songs like ‘Pam Pam’, ‘Owakabi’, ‘Vumilia’, ‘Bomboclat’, ‘Agatako’, ‘Mama Mia’, ‘Jamila’, ‘Shida Za Dunia’, ‘Gimme’ and lastly the fans’ favourite ‘Wale Wale’ although fans still wanted more because his performance was truly on point. Chameleone with Dj Shiru (left) at the Purple Party in


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