By Mukose Arnold Anthony
The state minister for works and transport Hon Gen Edward Katumba Wamala has ordered the Chinese who are behind the construction of the Kampala Entebbe express high way to compensate all residents of Nalumunye Katale in Wakiso who were affected by the stone quarry which destroyed their property.

Gen Wamala made the order after  storming the residents’ demonstration over unfair treatment by the China communication construction company ltd (CCCC)

” I give you (Chinese) a period of one week to compensate all the people who submitted in their account details and pay off all those below 1M shillings by Friday,  for those who were left behind without being valued, the valuer should expeditiously consider you” Gen Wamala orders.

“I want to come back here next week when these conflicts are resolved” Gen Katumba cautioned

Before the minister passing the order, Chinese led by the JU WEI PENG the assistant project manager tried to block journalists from capturing the demonstrations and threatened by taking their photos however they were over powered by the residents.

Despite the minister giving an assurance to the residents who had committed not to open the road unless they are compensated, they failed to agree on whether to abandon the demonstration or not.
Meanwhile Gen.  Katumba who first toured the progress of the construction of the Kampala-Entebbe express high way first assured the public that the ready will be complete and read for use by May 2018.
He talked of the high way as one being constructed on international standard and  will be fully under the hands of the government.

Wamala also revealed that the government will be handing over to a highest bidder to control the road tolls and street lights managements.
He further appealed to the road user of the same high way not to over speed despite the recommendable 100 K/H speed


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