By Kabuye Ronald
City lawyer working with Alaka and company Advocates and also lawyer representing the Kasese region Mps in petition filed in the international Criminal Court ICC against President Museveni, the commander of the second division of Uganda People’s Defense Forces UPDF Brigadier Elwelu and the head of operations in Uganda Police Force Asuman Mugenyi for spear heading the kasese Massacre that left many lifeless and other with several injuries ¬†Samuel Muyizzi has revealed that government was behind his strangling to the unconscious state in demand for withdraw of the petition from filed in the ICC.
Muyizzi who was on the 30th of December last year night attacked by three men at princess Anne drive in Bugolobi a Kampala suburb and strangled to unconscious state believes that government had a hand in it that’s why it went on defensive.
Muyizzi now has open private investigation into the matter to bring to book the culprits. he questioned why the attackers asked him to withdraw the icc case.
“The three Men appeared well trained to me and they demanded that I withdraw the petition from the ICC but I told them that a petition of such nurture is like bullet once fired it can’t be pulled back.
Police also commented about my attack before I even talked about it, why did they go on defensive?” Questioned Muyizzi.
Meanwhile the government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo has dismissed the allegations saying that government is not in the habit of intimidating and persecuting those that prosecute it before accussing Caleb Alaka being in habit of blackmail to gain publicity which he said his juniors have copied.
“I don’t know and have never had of that lawyer but through our intelligence I learned that he works with Caleb Alaka and Alaka is known for doing such stunts to gain publicity, am optimistic that he has taught his juniors how to do it ” said Opondo.


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