October 25, 2020
October 25, 2020

Civil Society Pins MoF for Continued Appointing of Accountant That Contradict With Public Finance Management Act


Summary: The qualified audit opinion, institutions that has so many accountability issues that needs to be addressed and as per the public finance management act, accounting officers with quarries of advanced opinions shouldn’t be re-apponited.
Marlon Agaba, the head of programs Anti corruption coalition Uganda (ACCU) while addressing the media said that, in the latest report from the auditor general, a number of issues lined including miss charge of expenditure, public funds being used for purposes other than those purpose that supposed to be used for and over 384billions was miss charged.
However we have seen cases of diversion funds coming up, to expenditure that don’t given value to Ugandan’s, cases of un accounted for funds over 19billion and this cuts across the ministries, departments and agencies plus district local government.
“As public finance management act, accounting officers, permanent secretaries, chief administrative officers who have audit quarries at previous year, should rejected to be re-apponited for the following year. But we noticed that MoF has not yet put it order to appointing new accounting officer’s for the institutions with qualified audit opinion such as Judiciary, Mulago hospital, Ministry of health, National drug authority, Uganda cancer institute, Uganda national roads authority, equal opportunity commissions and some if the institutions that have qualified audit opinion, using the money for other purpose than purpose it planned for, institutions like NAADs, NARO, UCDA, Ministry of water and environment, Ministry of gender and etc” Said Agaba
He added that expectation is that MoF especially the Permanent secretary/Sectretary to the treasury should have designated new accounting officers by this time. Unfortunately it doesn’t happened yet it has to be done. In case for number of audit report from last year this still increasing showing a trend of an increase in miss use of public funds and fears with Covid-19 since most of the procurement guidelines has been fraud.
Meanwhile as you all a wear, parliament past administration of judiciary act and among the packages includes ‘ for retired chief justice and deputy chief justice, among the given Security, housing, airtime and etc but when u look at this package it mostly favour the uper judiciary officers, the lower judiciary don’t have similar cake.
“We have concerns with this act much as a good act and we welcome it for the purpose of independent judiciary but we believe it setting bad principle for other officers and already have information that parliament is looking fir the same thing targeting for MPs which we think it’s a big strange in our economy for such a life style” Said Agaba
Unfortunately this package addressed also to judicial officers who had questionable character will continue enjoying public money for life Time, meaning in that very law, there some gaps that needs to be addressed.
“we calling MoF especially permanent secretary/secretary for treasure not to appoint accounting officers with audit opinion and need to sort out issues with independent salaries for public savantsĀ  because usually paid different salary yet they are doing same work” Added Agaba
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