Climatic change: Government runs to Europe for protection.


By mukose Arnold Anthony

Minister in charge of finance, planning and economic planning Hon Matia Kasaija has expressed displeasure over the rate at which environment is being  destructed which has led to the global climatic change thus governments losing a lot of resources and funds in maintaining their nationals, servicing destroyed facilitates.

Kasaija who was receiving a 37.1M Euro loan from EU,  France and Germany governments at the ministry headquarters in Kampala to finance the improvement of power reliability in Uganda specifically the 400KV transmission line upgrade of 130KM distance of Masaka -Mbarara which is part of the Uganda-Kenya and Uganda-South Sudan power line extension projects appealed to ugandans to replace fire wood with electricity use for cooking.

“So the question of environment protection and destruction particularly in countries like Uganda is very hard and one of the reasons is that our people depend mostly on biomass which is exhibited by the way we use charcoal to cook Matooke” Minister Kasaija dismayed.

Kasaija also informed these European officials on how the floods swept most of the bridges Buyanja County, Kibaale District his areas of leadership and its going to cause a double expense in renovating them.

“I can ell you, one of the rivers which pass through my constituency flooded and all the four bridges swept people have cultivated upto the beam of the river so when the waters comes with anger and it swept one of the bridges that cost us a lot of money and I couldn’t believe  that it could happen” Minister Kasaija added

In response to the minister’s displeasure Madame Stephaine Rivoal the ambassador of France said that the Paris climatic change agreement is now being challenged by big countries like US but not are fight for a green economy and will fight their best to support all countries towards this noble cause.

“The Paris climatic change agreement was such a victory and it is being challenged atleast by one big country (USA) and we’re still united with other countries and we still out numbering the US on that one to facilitate the green economy and it can be done by how you warn the economy while protecting the environment and this is something we shall be supporting and pushing with access to affordable and renewable energies” Ambassador Stephaine assured.

“if you heard what my president said yesterday or a day before in US that let’s make the planet greater again and since we have no planet B there could plan bb going around but there will never be planet b unless we protect the one we have” Ambassador Stephaine added


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