October 24, 2020
October 24, 2020

Coronavirus: UNBS Staff Contributes 20.88Million Shillings To National Task Force Covid-19 Pandemic


  • By Andrew Visper realmusisilwanga@gmail.com
    Responding to the call of the president Yoweri K Museveni to be able to support those who are not able to support them selves in this crisis of Covid-19, The staff of the Uganda National bureau of standards (UNBS) headed by their executive director Mr. Ben Manyindo contribute with 20.88 million Shillings to the Covid-19 national task force.
    While speaking to the media at the office of the prime minister Mr. Manyinda said that many people out there are not able to support them selves especially in this Covid-19 crisis and indeed need to help not to get rich but to have something to feed their family because they are not working in this lockdown.
    UNBS staff, “Thought that since we work in Government and still receiving our salary before and even in this crisis, we decided to give out and contribute with those people that may not been getting something” Said Mr. Manyindo
    Meanwhile Mr. Manyindo raised a challenge of food been brought not meet with UNBS standards both Posho and beans, it’s not only UNBS standards but even East Africa standards. “So far posho compliance is 72% and 28% not meet with standards and beans 73% compliance, those found under standards are not allowed in our stores” Manyindo Said
    However Mr. Manyindo continues that besides the staff contribution to the call of his exellency, UNBS has been contributing allot during this period of Covid-19, has been working closely with other Government bodies to ensure that certain products are safe before used.
    Phase one; UNBS did a number of certification starting at lockdown one, according the Mr. Manyindo only two companies were doing sanitizers but as we talk now over 45 companies are doing sanitizers. Free standards to people who are trying to produce sanitizers and even other standards given for free to any items brought during this crisis.
    Phase two lockdown, UNBs focused on food the gas been supplied from the office of the prime minister both Posho and beans that’s why they transfer it immediately to the UNBS stores after received by the national task force. Have been also contributing on the issue of face masks both medical and ordinary face masks and it’s in final stage for ordinary masks to enable UNBS and to see people safe from Covid-19 with free standards to local manufacturer in order to make these things available on population.
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