October 21, 2020
October 21, 2020

Corporate Social Responsibility In his 60s, Mukesh Shukla, Aspiring Member Of Parliament Nakawa West 2021-2026.



Corporate Social Responsibility In his 60s, Mukesh Shukla, Aspiring Member Of Parliament Nakawa West 2021-2026.

By Andrew Visper realmusisilwanga@gmail.com

SUMMARY; Democracy, Patriotism, Transformation and Setting standards in terms structure.

POLITICS: The four basic foundermental objectives why Mr. Mukesh Shukla aka Shumuk is the answer to represent Nakawa West in the 11th parliament are democracy, setting standards on terms of structures, patriotism and transformation.

Mr. Mukesh Shukla, Chairman/CEO Shumuk group of companies, the entrepreneur has advised people of Nakawa west to elect entrepreneurs who are tested with all plans for them in terms of employment and development, “Am taking the second phase of (KISANJJA AKUNA MUKYEEZO) in terms of NRM strategic planning to put development and prosperity as priority in the next five years” Mukesh said while speaking to this website. http://pressug.com/mukesh-shukla-joins-nakawa-west-parliamentary-race-2021/

Mukesh explained that Nakawa west is basically an industrial hurb since 1989s-1990s up to date and with more than 100 manufacturing companies in the area, which puts employment opportunities in Nakawa west at 200 percent exportation a reason for his coming to make it more better.

“My mission will be investor’s to capture more industry structure, introducing unemployment program for youth, promotion of buy Uganda build Uganda (BuBu) production. http://pressug.com/inadquate-funding-of-private-education-institutions-resulting-to-development-of-dilapidated-cumpuses-in-the-country/ At least as an entrepreneur since 1996 I have been transforming Nakawa from bush to vibrant industrial knowledge in Uganda as number one, however I need it to go to the next level of good governance as major ball game to have both peace and prosperity”. Said Mr. Mukesh


Mr. Mukesh told this website that he has already visited all the villages in Nakawa west teaching them and inciting them to go for pro development candidate who will value them and avoid separation both in the party and the residents area.

“I advised my competitors who is Mr. Benjamin Kalumba and Madam Ziwa that being my first time as entrepreneur turn politicians they should step aside since their professionals are immensely represented in parliament and give a chance for development.” Said Mukesh.


He Say’s, as Mukesh Shukla is the reason why he offer him self because he feel pain of worker’s within the area.

“Over 30yrs we have not managed to contribute more in Nakawa surrounding wetlands and that’s why peoyof Nakawa asking for change, voter’s please vote wisely and let the entrepreneur we all asking for take over to add on what we has already started for you to benefit than letting others in to take what we have already started. I am the answer basing on what I have done for you”. Said Mukesh on leaders who responsible to represent Nakawa.

“Nakawa needs lefting force with good structure to redirect power resources for industrial plan, more investors, labour price, demand and supply both in area and out side market. Nakawa has been represented by lawyers and politicians but they can’t understand the problem of manufacturers, am the solution for that problem remember Nakawa west is for creation, am saying being in order and become modern town for Uganda to follow” Said Mukesh

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