By Mukose Arnold Anthony
High court judge Patricia Wasswa Basaza has allowed the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Mwenda Mutebi II to appeal against her ruling in which he was ordered to produce land titles, land registration Details and his account and Buganda Land Board accounts details in bank of Africa and centenary accounts where the money was required to be deposited.

It should be noted that On 5th june justice Basaza ordered kabaka to bring all the above documents to help Male Mabilizi who is applicant in this case as evidence in his main case .

However Kabaka through his lawyers David Mpanga and Kiwanuka Christopher filed application asking for leave to appeal the Basaza’ ruling on grounds that the said documents¬† are confidential and giving it’s details to Mabirizi will leave many influencial people affected.

In his application Mabilizi contends that since the Kabaka is the custodian of Buganda properties on behalf of Buganda he is liable to account for whatever is his custody adding that there is nothing like confidenciality in kingdom property.

In today’s ruling, justice Basaza delivered the ruling in camera without giving any reason of denying Journalists access to her chambers she set june 28th as the date the appeal appication to stay the execution of her first ruling of serving documents to Mabirizi.

Mabilizi said that though the court has granted Kabaka to appeal against Basaza’s decision but the order to serve him with bank and land title details still stands.

The main suit whether these documents are valid will be on June 30th.


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