Court dismisses case against youth activists who stormed parliament over alleged poor medication attention for Nambooze



Mukose Arnold Anthony


Buganda road court magistrate Robert Mukanza has Tuesday morning dismissed a case against Mr. Habib Buwembo (FDC Secretary for labor and pension and Co-spokesperson of the Jobless brotherhood), Mr. Juma Lubega Kabotongo (Kabowa 1 parish councilor Lubaga division) and a businessman Mr. Ggaliwango Yasin.

In June this year, the trio were arrested around parliament of Uganda and charged with public nuisance, when they allegedly tried to present a petition before the speaker of parliament Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kagada over failure to clear the then Kiruddu admitted Mukono municipality legislator Betty Nambooze Bakileke for further international medical attention.

While dismissing the case, magistrate Mukanza noted that, prosecution has failed to present any single witnesses despite the suspects being compliant through out the court process and yet they had to be given a fair and a quick hearing.

Speaking to the trio, all expressed happiness and said that this is a better Christmas gift for them and that court has vindicated that their kind of activist is legal.

“We’re happy for our Christmas gift from court” Mr. Buwembo expressed happiness before expressing his dissatisfaction of the charge.

“How can we be charged with public nuisance because of fighting for a right of a Ugandan and more- so a high-profile leader” “The best people to be charged of such cases are Sam Kutesa minister for external affairs, Bagyenda but us” Mr. Buwembo said.

This won’t deter us from fighting for our rights and freedoms, as we cerebrate this win, we pray that the Nambooze too wins the trumped-up charges against her” Mr. Lubega said.



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