By Ronald Kabuye
High Court judge lady justice Henrietta Wolayo has dismissed with costs an interim injunction application that sought for an order to halt the Federation of Uganda Football Associations FUFA elections slated in the earliest of August and rather scheduled hearing of the main application on the 27th of September.
The case was filed by three football fans who include Edwin Bazanye, Bbiira Solomon, Paul Mugambwa through their lawyer Nsamba Geofrey were they argued that once the injunction is not allowed they will suffer irreparable damages, that it will give a go ahead to respondents to manipulate the elections and fail other competitors and that it is just and equitable that an interim order doth issue to preserve the status quo among other grounds.
However the presiding judge found no merit for issuing an interim order due to that fact that the electoral cycle is coming to a conclusion thus the balance of convenience favouring the holding of the election.
In the main application which the three applicants filed against the attorney general, national council of sports NCS, FUFA president Moses Magogo, FUFA CEO Edgar Watson, FUFA electoral commission chairperson Samuel Bakiika with his secretary general Yusuf Awuyu and all the executive committee heads, they want the electoral laws to be streamlined, formalised and regularised by the regulator who happens to be national council of sports who they claim has neglected his duties and left the process to FUFA execute their wishes.


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