Court issues witness summons in the “Save Nambooze” activists case


By Mukose Arnold Anthony
Buganda road court magistrate Robert Mukanzi has issued witness summons to the key witnesses in the matter where three activisits are charged with common nuisance.
It’s  alleged the suspects stormed parliament with a petition to the speaker of parliament Hon Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga protesting the circumstances under which the Mukono municipality legislator Betty Nambooze  Bakireke’s health was being handled at Kirudu Mulago health facility.

On Tuesday morning police officers attached to parliament were expected to to testify against the trio including businessman Mr. Yasin Ggaliwango, Kabowa 1 parish councilor Mr. Juma Lubega Kabotongo and FDC’s secretary for labour and pension Mr. Habib Buwembo but they did not turn up thus prompting the state prosecutor Cingtho Patricia to request court to issue summons as the matter be adjourned to 28th August.

“I can’t proceed today because witnesses are not in court and I seek for an adjournment as I summon for them for the next session” Prosecutor Cingtho informed.

However defense lawyer Nalukoola Erias Luyimbazi asked court to dismiss the matter since  the state has failed to proceed with the matter even after informing court that the investigations are complete but have failed to produce witness which the magistrate overruled on-grounds that they have to be given another chance.

“It seems prosecution isn’t ready for the matter and hence I call upon court to dismiss the case” Counsel Nalukoola submitted.

“Today being the first day of the hearing, for fairness let’s give them another chance” Magitrate Mukanzi over ruled.

Speaking to counsel Nalukoola after court, he said that even upto now, defense has not received evidence files which the prosecution is going to use in pinning the accused but they are ready to battle over the allegedly charges.
“We (Defense) have not received evidence file which the state is to use in this case and a mere fact that the witnesses didn’t turn up we think state has failed to align them hence asking court to dismiss the matter” Nalukoola highlighted

On their part the accused have expressed readiness to take on the matter and not in regret of any act of June 25 at parliament and that they are even ready to welcome Nambooze on her return on 4th August.

“We want to hear from the witnesses the case we committed to fight for a life and we don’t regret our act that is why we’re ready to welcome the honorable on 4th August” Buwembo said.

I don’t feel moved for having stormed parliament with a petition over Nambooze who was admitted in the hospital which KCCA had declared being a soul state and yet parliament under madam Kadaga was silent about it” Mr. Ggaliwango noted.


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