Court orders EC to organize fresh local Council elections


High court civil Division in Kampala under Justice Steven Musota has ordered the electoral commission(EC) to organise fresh Local council elections.

This comes after the amicable agreement between the applicants and the defendants.

In their agreement they noticed that there no  school holiday that can accommodate the whole process of elections and so they agreed to rather get machanisim  eligible for accommodate all parties interests
It’s on the above that court has ordered EC to get time and register all said candidates who were at schools and their teachers so that they can benefit in the process.
Last year the high court in Jinja and Kampala consecutively ordered the EC to stop the process of conducting LC elections after James Tweheyo the former secretary general of UNATU’ concern that many students and teachers were at school which meant that were going to miss the  process yet some  are eligible to  vote or to be voted for.


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