Court orders for unconditional release of Tumuhimbise the alternative coordinator.


By Mukose Arnold Anthony
City hall magistrate’s court under his worship Nabende Moses has today October 05th 2017 directed for unconditional release of the incarcerated Norman Tumuhimbise THE ALTERNATIVES national cordintaor.
Norman since 27th September has been in under Kira road police custody without any charges opened up against him.
Through his lawyer Eron Kizza of Niwagaba and Mwebesa Advocates, Norman sued the DPC of Kira police station over illegal detentions since he was be in custody for more than the constitutionally stipulated 48 hours before trial.

The magistrate further ordered all police officers to comply with the order and failure to release him if unconditionally he gave them 24 hours from 4pm Tuesday to arraign them before courts of law.
The order has been issued ex party

“This application coming up for ruling this 5th day of October 29017 before His worship Nabende Moses, in the presence of counsel Kiiza Eron for the applicant: and in the absence of counsel for the respondent: IR IS HEREBY ORDERED that. 1. The applicant be unconditionally released from any police cells where he is, or be charged before court within twenty four hours 4:00pm today. 2. every police officer is directed to comply with court above” the ruling reads.

After receiving the ruling, the alternatives will be serving Kira road police station DPC tomorrow at 9am.

It should be recalled that yesterday, Tumuhimbise dragged the Kira road DPC to courts over illegal detentions and wants over 250M compensation for human rights violations.

“We shall hold all the officers participating in these crimes, and violations against Norman personally liable for such transgressions.”
“We are talking about Tumuhimbise Norman’s life, liberty and health. Stop playing with his life, health and liberty, your reticence, impunity and disregard of the law is a violation of his fundamental human rights.” Eron contends.

On September 18, it is alleged that “The Alternative Group” offices were raided by soldiers and police and property worth millions including computers and files were claimed to have been taken.

While still the coordinator of jobless brotherhood, Norman on several occasions was arrested and detained for dumping yellow piglets in Kampala, government offices including State House and Parliament however his current arrest is in connected to the group’s anti-presidential age limit.


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