October 31, 2020
October 31, 2020

Court work paralyzed as Bajjo demanded for bail fee refund


Mukasa Andrew alias Bajjo being arrested with his belonging at Buganda Road Court
By Mukose Arnold Anthony
Section 14 (2) of the Indictment Act (TIA) and 75 Magistrate Courts Act (MCA) allows the accused person(s) to claim for refund of h/her bail fee once the case is concluded, and through this section that, Mr. Mukasa Andrew alias Bajjo events has Monday caused havoc and paralyzed work at Buganda Road Court over un reimbursed bail fees.
On February 19, 2020 senior grade one Magistrate, Stella Amabilisi Maris dismissed inciting violence charges against the music promoter Mukasa after prosecution witnesses declined to testify in the similar charges.
Its upon the same background, as per the section, that Bajjo on Monday morning stormed court claiming that he wanted his bail fee refunded on allegations of procrastination and government notification to him that he will be sorted in the next financial year.
Bajjo who occupied court with a mattress, bed-sheets, mosquito net and a flask, claiming not to vacate the premises until his bail fee is repaid by the government.
Mukasa Andrew alias Bajjo in bitter exchange with police officers inside Buganda Road court
Buganda Road Court police officers tried to politely talk to him, but their beseech fell on deaf ears and hence forced the officer to drag him out of court premises in a heavy pour to the middle of Buganda road.
Later officers from CPS came, dragged, lifted and took him into police custody on charges not yet established since no relevant authorities were willing to speak to the media.
During the arrest, Bajjo kept on threatening that much as he has tried all what it takes for him to get his money back, no signs of him getting it.
“What does Museveni’s court wants me to do? Court ordered for a refund of my bail fee, I have used all the lawful procedures but to date, and no signs to that effect apart from being told that I will be cleared in the next financial year” Bajjo shouted at Court.
“If they can lurch a person like Bajjo, how about a common person, I won’t therefore leave this place until am refunded even if it means being killed, I am read” Bajjo vowed.
“Bajjo, you are my friend but this isn’t the way to demand, kindly let’s go in and sort out your issues” as heard by one of the officers pleading.
When contacted one of his sureties Abe Musinguzi alias ABTEX on the arrest of his colleague, he had applauded Bajjo for fighting for the select affected Ugandans.
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