Cover up gov’t wrongs, Gen Tumwine pleads with journalists



By Ronald Kabuye
Security minister General Elly Tumwine has pleaded with journalists to cover up some government wrongs for the country’s good.
Tumwine made the remarks while meeting journalists under their umbrella body Uganda Journalists Association UJA aimed at forging a better working relationship between journalists and security agencies.
He urged journalists to treat Uganda as their own home and killing it means killing oneself thus a call to balance and give solution in their stories by reporting as it is but responsibly as opposed to making the public hopeless.
On the security operatives battering journalists, Tumwine urged journalists not to make blanket attack on the entire security forces but to individuals and treat such as occupation hazards.
He said he can’t give a guarantee that the beatings will stop since mistakes are to human before adding that they are doing their best to restrain their officers.
He further appealed to young people to stop antagonizing and threatening the old especially those in power since they can be so dangerous.
He rather asked the youth to understand and learn from the old in order to build confidence and trust to the later to peacefully hand over power to them since they so willing.
He emphasized that continuous condemnation, blaming, complaining do not solve problems unlike togethernes which does.
He however conceded that much of the violence has been as a result loss of connection between the old, young and the media which is the conduit for communication.

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