October 27, 2020
October 27, 2020

*COVID-19 lockdown another chance for security to mistreat and cheat Ugandans.*


By Mukose Arnold Anthony
Kampala- Uganda. As it has been the norm for individual officers of Uganda’s security agencies to arrest, extort, mistreat, torture and brutalize natives, it is yet another opportunity for these “weevils” to practice what they know best.
Much as such are acts have been exhibiting opposition politicians, but the excessive powers being administered to Ugandans after the fountain suspending public transport means and open markets due to the global pandemic COVID-19 is uncalled for.
A section of Police, Local Defense Units and army officers have taken advantage of the same to extort and mistreat Ugandans.
Speaking to one taxi owner only identified as Ssebambulide found around old Kampala Police station told this website that he was going to the market to buy food which his customers had sent him to purchase, only to be intercepted and arrested by traffic and army officers claiming that he wasn’t supposed to be in town with a taxi and yet he knew, the directive only prohibits passengers.
“They (Officers) are telling to give them Fifty Thousand Shillings if I want my car back on allegations that I was in town with a taxi which the president suspended, but here a list from my customers who sent me to Nakasero market to buy them food” Ssebambulidde told this website.
 Ssebambulidde isn’t the only one has faced the wrath of security officers in regards to the directive but also, a number of people especially hawkers were assailed by officers in different parts of the city forcing them to vacate the conurbation over the directive.
However, some few section of Boda boda riders have ignored the directive and decided to defiantly carry passengers, putting their lives at risk.
The country is under lockdown for 14 and 32 days of public transport and public gathering/congestion respectively, as a means to curb the spread of Corona Virus.
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