September 30, 2020
September 30, 2020

“Covid-19 May Stay Here For Long” Said Ministry Of Health


Summary: ministry of health, it’s very important, as we focus on Covid-19, we take precautions against Covid-19, Maralia remains the biggest killer to our people. With even Covid-19 challenge we have worked out a mechanism to reach our to public to ensure that they receive their mosquito nets.
Dr. Jimmy Opigo, the national maralia contral program manager while launching this campaign said that, we are learning a Covid mosquito net campaign, Covid is being conducted in the area of Covid-19 but we shall give our team full protection, PPE, minimize interactions by going home to home like food distribution, digital means, we shall not creat new mosquito net structure but use Covid-19 because Covid-19 as we all know may stay here long and as we stays maralia still remains, we came with concept of defeating Covid-19 and other diseases together.
“It’s about defeating maralia and Covid-19 together because even we deal with Covid-19 we know very well mosquitoes are not in lockdown, not in quarantine. We said why do we survive Covid-19 and we dia with maralia? This misquote nets campaign it’s nit all about mosquito nets distribution but it’s also mostly about mosquito net use that’s why we planned it under net campaign”. Said Dr. Opigo
Dr. Opigo argued the public need to sleep under nets even and also to support the ministry of health, reaching out to one another to community to register a big success for this campaign to ha e maralia free in Uganda
Rukia Nakamatte the social behavioural change communications specialist ministry of health said tgat, we are under extending communication campaign to ensure the people effectively use this nets, we realized that at time when we are giving out nets immediately we leave communities people put the nets under their beds.
” We want to ensure that all the nets we are giving out are effectively used, so in the context of Covid-19 our mass campaign is majorly going to be on media, social media and we are going to work number of radio stations within Kampala and out side Kampala across all the region’s to ensure that people get enough education on how to use those nets” Said Nakamatte
She added that all the district leaders, representatives, cultural leaders and religious leaders are going to be deployed to ensure that they influence people to use nets.
“Under net utilization we realised that, according to last maralia indicator survey, 30 percent of nets we are gave out are nit used effectively, so with this communication campaign we under taken using our influence, our radio stations, TV stations, we feel we shall be able to give communities enough information about the nets and our appeal as ministry of health is to ensure whoever gets a net use it effectively, sleep under misquote net no matter hot it is or cold nets should be used year round every day night. We also encourage people to use prevention measures like planting tree that rapel mosquitoes because your health begins with you and it’s your responsibility to use mosquito net” Said Nakamatte
The permanent secretary ministry of health Dr. Diana Atwine said that the distribution Wii kick start at Eastern region and part of Rango and some district. We really focused on providing massage of encouragement to the public to use mosquito nets properly so that they don’t use them for other things and we will not be able to congregate together as we used to previous to pick nets but now we had to modify the approach because of Covid-19 pandemic and therefore we request the public to understand and support out team that will be moving from house to house providing mosquito nets.
“Our team will be moving home to home, well protected with needed protection and this time round we are going to use less papers and we are going to use more technology to capture the information from households as we provide nets, register and information can be offline or online at the end of a day will be registered in the real time at our centre ministry of health” Said Dr. Diana
However I call upon the public to become vigilant, support this campaign and ensure that the misquote nets it’s not to put at wast but to reduce maralia infection.
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