October 29, 2020
October 29, 2020

Covid-19: “Pastor’s Do Something To Your Community, pastor Jackson Senyonga Says


By Andrew Visper and Kato Denis
Pastor Jackson Senyonga of Christian life Church Makerere Kavule, the home of P5 appealed to his fellow senior Pastor’s, junior pastor’s and other religious leaders especially in the church to do something in their community with food relief than waiting for the Government.
“It’s not duplicate, you can do it may be you are not able to do at this level but you can do something, remember no one can do everything but you can do something to give back” Said pastor Jackson Senyonga while saving second phase of 10,000 people food relief at Christian life Church.
Pastor Jackson Senyonga, I thank God one more time, I invited you a few weeks ago to witness an event that we believe it was very colorful in the names of supporting our citizens, our neighbors and our fellow Ugandan’s. As I said before we are part of one body, we are part of one country, we belong together and we need one another.
“When your neighbor is in trouble, you go and as we neighbor we respond, Kawempe called, Nansana has called, Kampala has called and indeed we are here to respond. This is our primary caa as a church to love people, to make different to encourage one another and to change the livelihood of so many different people, so we take pride in this and we are thankful that people has come out as we keep social distance and orderly with Kawempe RCC, DPC, Covid-19 taskforce especially office of the prime minister and president Museveni who has accorded this event her own presence to come and be part this history. This is unpredictable even in our eyes it’s too big, you are not able to save ten thousands of people as one church but God has enabled us to do and we so thankful ” Said pastor Senyonga
Pastor Jackson Senyonga adds that, this is not the end we are going to continue doing this in many different communities, we taking this massage of practical love to our country to different communities and also different divisions  of Kampala.
“This is the second round but even without this colorful even we have daily activities visiting house’s on trucks one by one helping people to strengthen love and make different because we are one church in community and we not isolated from feelings and disappointment and frustrated for our own people that’s why we managed today to save 10,000 people on cost of 500million, God be the glory” Said pastor Jackson Senyonga
 Hon Mary Karoro Okurut, minister in charge of general duties and Co-ordinator in charge of the Covid-19 taskforce who witness the colorful event said that, we have been receiving donations and so on but this one is different and great. So on behalf of the Government pastor Jackson Senyonga and all the church people thank you so so much and I want you to keep on because when I came here I was beat scared, I said is there social distance? But I answer my own question after seeing social distance because indeed we have to follow government guidelines and Ministry of health, thank you for observing.
“I was so happy when I came a part from social distance, people every body here is wearing a facemask ‘which is very important’ Covid-19 is real and is here, there those say that Covid-19 it’s not here but every day it increases and numbers raised, cases are now over 700 and the health experts have told us that now it’s on set 3 which is community cases meaning we have to be very careful to implement social distance” Said Hon Mary Okurut
“We are talking about life or death, this is not a joke we want life not death and God has helped us that now so far we have not registered any death, this seconded by the president’s talk, ‘if you want dead bodies and if you not careful, you will see them’ all in all we thank you pastor Jackson this is my second time to be here, this kind of heart you have shown, this kindness, this heart of God is from God. You are pastor, am a Canon in my church, you pray for people, I pray for people, am also raising my hand as a Canon may God bless you abundantly, may Uganda be blessed abundantly and we pray for president Museveni with more knowledge and wisdom and tge terrible Covid-19 pandemic go away” Said Minister Okurut.
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