CPS DPC Bakaleke grilled in painted piglet case


CPS DPC Bakaleke in the dock being grilled at buganda road magistrate court. Photo by Mukose Arnold Anthony

By Mukose Arnold Anthony
The Kampala central police station division police commander Joseph Bakaleke Gwaidho has faced a tough time before the Buganda Road Grade One Magistrate, Marion Mangeni while testifying against the two former jobless brotherhood and current members of the THE ALTERNATIVE who are charged of common nuisance when they allegedly dumped over 8 painted piglets at parliament in September 2016.

Bakaleke 38 year old with almost 8 years experience in the Uganda police service having joined the force in 2010 while being cross examined by the defense lawyer and CEO center for legal aid Uganda Isaac Kimeze Ssemakadde on behalf of the accused Lutta Ferdinand and Lukwago Joseph on Friday afternoon failed to collaborate and connect his statement made just a day after recording his statement on 19th July 2018 yet the case has lasted for almost 2 years.
Defense lawyer Ssemakadde was forced to ask DPC what had happened to him as a senior police to fail even tell the date of the incident hence questioning  whether court should take his testimony as credible since he seemed  his mind and sanity capacity were not in right state

However the State Prosecutor, Elizabeth Nandala interjected on grounds that Ssemakadde was not a medical doctor to check the witness’ mental and sanity ability

From left defense lawyer Ssemakadde, Lukwago Joseph and Lutta Ferdinand during court preceedings, Photo by Mukose Arnold Anthony

This followed after Bakaleke failed to bame the then scene of crime (SOC) officer and then OC CID in the matter even when he had recorded a statement just a day before him testifying.

Ssemakadde: The statement doesn’t identify an IO though it identifies the SOC (scene of crime officer) as Osekenyi Alex.

Ssemakadde couldn’t allow DPC to have a breathing space after having identified loopholes in his statement by keeping on referring him to check on page 2 and 3 of his earlier statement of yesterday which wasn’t marching with today’s oral testimony.
Ssemakadde: Now your sanity is back? Can you say 19th July was yesterday? Have you resumed or regained your sanity before we proceed?

State Nandala: I object to counsel insisting on the sanity, your worship, counsel is not a medical doctor to check the sanity of the witness.

Bakaleke testified that on September 15 2016 the duo dumped blue and yellow painted piglets at a place regarded as a honorable and as a modern senior police officer and African child what they did amounts to disrespect to the community and leaders an act of indiscipline observed as common nuisance to elders and society.
DPC: As an African child, the act by the accused in my opinion was a sign of indiscipline and shame to our leader, elders society and an insult to the moslem community where some pigs were tagged moslem names like Mohamed Nsereko which constitutes to the offense of common nuisance.
Speaking to Ssemakdde after court session he expressed hope that court will use what DPC as testified against his clients positively and that they are waiting for the other two remaining witnesses who are expected in the next hearing on August 15th.
State alleges that on September 15 2016, while at parliament, Ferdinand Luta and Joseph Lukwago dropped 10 piglets at parliament in protest against a decision to pay each legislator Shillings 200 million to purchase  vehicles.

Bakaleke further testified that the piglets had tags in the names of the Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga, her deputy Jacob Oulanyah, the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Winnie Kiiza, Muhammad Nsereko, Kampala Central MP, Kato Lubwama, Lubaga South, Muyanja Ssenyonga, Arinaitwe Rwakajala, Workers MP, Robert Kafeero Ssekitoleko, Nakifuma County MP and the Communication Director of Parliament, Chris Obore. But according to the police exhibits, Kato Lubwama’s tag misses.

He added that during the demonstration the duo were dressed in T-shirts with inscriptions depicting their intentions. “We are tired of your greed. Increase salary of teachers, police and doctors”. There were also tags on the pigs such as “In eating we are one”  and that during interacting with the accused, they told him that they had no regret over the act because of the then atmosphere.


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