October 22, 2020
October 22, 2020

Crane Management Services: “Circulating Rental Demand Notice Is Fake” Said Rajiv Ruparelia


BUSINESS: The managing director of Ruparelia Group, Rajiv Ruparelia has refuted a fake demand notice circulating on social media that Crane Management Services, has issued a demand notice either reminder to its tenants in this Covid-19 time when business locked down.
The Ruparelia Group donated sanitizers and other preventive accessories to Kampala’s leaders to fight against coronavirus that brought Covid-19. After that a fake demand notice in the names of CMS appeared online claiming that Crane Management Services was pressuring tenants to pay rent in this time when business suspended by the president.
Crane Management Services is one of the biggest landlord I Kampala with it’s prime properties and is owned by Ruparelia Group which is on the forefront of fighting the spread of Coronavirus/Covid-19 epidemic.
Rajiv said that it’s a fake notice because crane management service has not yet offered any guidelines for rent payments. Instead the company is focusing on the efforts to return the city back to normal.
He adds that this fake information it’s aimed to distracting Ruperaria Group from continue offering support to Kampala based Community to defeat the epidemic Covid-19 and one of the concerns of the most traders is rent after Government locked down the country boarders, cutting off public transport, off the city as well as shutdown of non essential business.
“We hope you are paying Rent for April Late payments may force us to send you Auctioneers After 5th April 20 you may be charged 10% for late payment. Please Hurry” that’s how fake notice reads
According to proprietor of crane management service says, “this document is FAKE, it is not addressed to any of our tenants as it bares, No name addressed to, No property and No shop number.”
However Rajiv noted that our Management is busy discussing our next actions to help underprivileged Ugandans fight the virus and have no political motives whatsoever.
“At the right time we shall communicate to our Tenants on the way forward and shall consider those that are directly affected by the hazards of the current crisis.” Rajiv said in a statement while replying this website
May be somehow somewhere from the political wing and might be MP’s behind the circulation of the fake demand notice with ill intentions to create unease among tenants of CMS Otherwise Ruparelia Group no longer involved in political gain’s because the Group build on business conglomerate and whose profile extends through property, hospitality, education, agriculture, media amd etc
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