By Mukose Arnold Anthony

House of Prayer Ministries International has patriotically shifted it’s independence prayers being organized at Mandela National stadium Namboole from 6th to 4th October to allow Uganda cranes Vs Ghana black star game to take place.

While announcing changes at Salt media Lungujja based offices today afternoon, Aloysius Bujjingo the lead pastor HPM said that despite the management wanting to follow the agreement between her clients (HPM) but as nationalists, have decided to pull back by 2 days despite of the decision being costly saying as an indigenous church they are not money minded since they don’t run a business.

A happy Bujjingo further highlight that even though there are changes in dates but all service providers like the security and sound system crew have been officially notified and accepted to adhere and comply with the changes.

He says that, Uganda cranes according to CAF and FIFA had 2 options to either give out 3 free points to Ghana or take the game to a neutral ground outside Uganda which he claims as a Ugandan,  the decision would hurt him for the rest of his life.

Bujjingo has however apologized to especially those in the diaspora who had booked flights suiting 6th and those who have sought for leave from their work places and appealed to them to adjust before urgng the independence loving members to spread the changes in time.

He warned against any false communication of evil people who will send dates opposite  4th and also appeals to Ugandans to pray to the nation to qualify for world cup at the same time going in multitudes for both the prayers and the game of 4th and 8threspectively.


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