Crimes increased by 3.3% in 2017- police report


By Ronald Kabuye
There has been 3.3% crime increase in the year 2017 that’s from 243,988 in 2016 to 252,065 in 2017  according to the annual crime report launched on Tuesday morning by inspector general of police Martin Okotho Ochola at police headquarters.

According to the report  crimes of common assault took lead with 30,794 followed by domestic violence with 15,325, Defilement had 14,985, threatening violence 13,474, obtaining by false pretense 12,771, homicide 4,473, child neglect 10021, political/ media crime 193, corruption 37, narcotics 2854, terrorism 12, trafficking in persons 177 among others.
Lira, Ntungamo, mbarara, Gulu, Mpigi, Mbale Kibuku districts were ranked as districts with highest crime prevalences
The report also indicates that 66,626 cases were taken to court, 105017 are under investigation, 18,961 were convicted, 1419 were acquitted, 9613 were dismissed while 36,633 are pending before court.
In terms of traffic and road safety 13244 cases were recorded out of which 3,051 were fatal , 6530 serious, minor 3,663.
3,503 died most of which were pedestrians and motorcyclists, 1981 were seriously injured, 1,268 were slightly injured.
Police also arrested 197,529 traffic offenders which resulted into 17.7 billion collections in penalties.
In fire and rescue services they received 1999 calls for emergencies out of which 23 died.
IGP Martin Okoth Ochola cited out low funding and less modern equipment has the major challenges they are facing.
He also attributed the increased crime cases reported to police to increased public confidence in police,  increased population, drug abuse/ narcotic use and improved economy.


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