July 11, 2020
July 11, 2020




By Kabuye Ronald

Suspected criminals to be behind the attacks in greater Masaka and greater Kampala have pinned police for offering them protection during their  planning of the attacks on the very day the fallen AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi was laid to rest in kitwe Kyanjovu  Lwengo District.

While confessing before journalists and the police boss Gen. Edward Kale Kayihura, Munyira Juma a resident of Sir Apollo Kagwa Kampala suburb, said that he was lured by a one Kabaya to join the group that carry out these terror acts in the various parts of the country.

“Kabaya came at my home where I narrated to him my monetary problem, which I believe prompted him to lead me to MT. zion hotel in makerere to do so work, at the venue entrance was free but they stopped us from getting out with threats that whoever attempts to do so will be shot to death by the police officers who highly guarded the place in karki uniform surrounded by patrol cars” said Munyira

Munyira’ Story wasn’t so different from that of Tusiime Silaiman allias Kabaya who said that he received a call from Siraje Ssekandi asking him to mobilize youths and take them to Mt.Zion hotel where they met other gang groups and in the course of the night two super custom and Noah vehicles were brought to the hotel filled with Machetes, pangs, knifes and other weapons which they off loaded and each was told to pick the one in his weight.

However later in the night two people introduced to them as BK and Ssenga who told them that the mission had been abandoned on grounds that the first team of 15 people that was sent had been terribly hurt by residents  thus promising them that the mission would be executed on another day thus paying each 20,000 shillings.

However in his address the inspector general of police Gen. Edward Kale Kayihura  refuted all the claims saying that police officers where security guards who he also paraded together with juma who implicated police though Juma identified the same people but he insisted that they were in karki uniform and maintained that patrol cars where around.

Meanwhile 30 suspects where paraded at Katwe police station in connection with this new wave of criminality in various parties of the country where residents have been cut, beaten and brutalized with pangs, axes and rarely use guns before exhorting money from them and other appliance and which at times leaves some lifeless.

Kayihura revealed that so far police has arrested over 100 people in connection with the attacks in greater masaka and of those 50 have been arraigned before courts of law.

Kayihura further revealed that their investigation and intelligence indicate that this wave of crime is just organized crime with aim of profiting from it

He however partially connected it to politics saying that there some political actors who are aiming at creating fear amongst Ugandans though their investigation are not yet conclusive on the same

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