CSOs, Experts applaud president over refusal to sign Biosafety Bill


By Davis Joel Ddungu
Civil society organizations including Farmers organizations, faith based organizations, consumer groups, trade experts and environmentalists, have welcomed  president’s decision to refuse to assent to the national Biosafety bill 2017.

They want Parliament to include the matters raised by president Museveni in the national Biosafety bill , 2017 before being assented to into Law.

The CSOs have underscored that the president’s concern in his letter to the speaker dated December 21, 2017, that includes  The naming of the law – Biosafety Act while it actually talks about Genetically Modified Organisms: the rights of Ugandan Farmers that for generation after generation have developed, managed, conserved and preserved, the country’s genetic resources of crops, animals, herbs, insects and fish

President contends that the once the bill is passed into law it will lead to total contamination of the farming system due to upregulated Radom introduction of GMOs all over, protection of the organic materials, use of poisons and dangerous bacteria as inputs in genetic engineering hence not protecting the indigenous varieties and breeds, animals and plants

Now the civil society organizations, lead by Agnes Kirabo, the executive director of Food Rights Alliance and Jane Nalunga, the country Director of SEATINI Uganda, assert that members of Parliament should take the president’s concerns into account.
They also want the labelling of GMO products to be visible enough by putting it on the front of branded product, in bright color, or imaged out well that the product is a GMO, for the consumer to identify it clearly before use.


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