July 11, 2020
July 11, 2020

CSOs take the fight against commercialization of politics to universities



By Ronald Kabuye
In abide to eliminate monetization and commercialization of politics in the country, civil societies have embarked on the program to engage students in 40 higher institutions of learning saying that youths are the only hope and solution to the vice since they make up the majority 81% of the population and have not been consumed yet.
The campaign that is spear headed by Alliance for Finance Monitoring ACFIM and Centre for constitutional governance CCG commenced at makerere university under the theme Monetization of youth participation in politics and it was attended to by students from 10 universities.
CCG’s Sarah Birete believes that their strategy will help to defeat the vice
“when you vote for money you can not demand for social services because your vote was just purchased, you can not hold a person accountable and as a result we can not have our democracy grow however with our strategy we shall defeat the vice, we shall go up to district level” said Birete
Her view was not so different from that of the national resistance movement electoral commission chairperson Dr. Tanga Odoi who said that politicians and political parties should sale their ideologies and show their success to the people as opposed to injecting much money in politicking.
“The ideological formation of a party is not based on money. NRM secretiat and other parties must show people what they have done and use their structures to mobilize the public as opposed to using money” said Tanga
However the politic critic and lawyer Andrew Karamaji said that the country can only change from transaction leadership to servant and transformational leadership  by not only changing the regime but also president museveni methodology of work(musevenism)
“this has turned into a cancer, it’s nolonger a practice but a culture engraved in the population. To change it you need fresh handlers of our economy and politics to transform from transactional leadership to servant and transformational leadership” Karamaji
Meanwhile Students had mixed views on commercialization of politics with some supporting the vice and others radically opposing it.

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